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Data visualization helps organizations to understand business data, provides you with instant, richer behavioral insight for action without the burden of a manual analysis and gives a complete picture of customer information at one go. Armed with such information, teams across all functions can interpret the data to take the right decisions, personalize outreach and generate value by finding new business opportunities.

Niyama’s IT experts will work with you in understanding your need for Business Intelligence and will build an environment which opens up  new avenues to mine your existing dataset and discover business trends. By using the state of the art tools which are flexible enough for power users as well we help you in building a scalable Data power house which can cater to all your business Intelligence needs

Our business intelligence services includes guiding clients in every step in building & executing a robust Business intelligence environment.  Our experts are capable of extracting information which are vital for the organization in making the right decision from large volumes of data.

We provide the following services areas of Business intelligence

BI consulting & Implementation Services

BI Dashboard services

BI Architecture and Design Services

Technology expertise


Our team has a strong BI knowledge and experience. We have expertise in a multitude of tools below are a few





Why Niyama

With highly skilled BI professionals you have the right team for your BI needs
By partnering with Niyama your success is accelerated using the latest BI technologies
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By using the right BI tools we empower your business users with meaningful insights enabling the right business decisions

Data source

Working with Niyama you are assured of better cost saving

Niyama Offers you the following

Self Service BI

No expertise required! Create and share compelling reports & interactive dashboards on your own in a matter of minutes. Find, explore and share actionable data insights in a secure environment.

Data Visualization

Create attractive & insightful reports and dashboards with a simple drag-drop interface. Use our powerful visualization tool to uncover business insight and drill down to specifics.

Powerful analytics

One solution to meet the needs of your entire organization monitor, explore and share actionable insights from your data with anyone and anytime in a governed environment.

Data source

Confidently connect & import data from multiple sources ranging from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, popular business applications, and even in-house apps.

Data Blending

Seemelessy combine data from different data sources to create functional reports and bring your data to life to unleash your business potential.

Beautiful Dashboards

Create informative and aesthetically beautiful dashboards with simple clicks using the drag and drop interface. Format text, insert images, add widgets and web components in our designer-friendly layout.

Highly Secure

Tableau takes security seriously and allows you to seamlessly integrate with your existing security protocols- Active Directory, Kerberos, OAuth, or another. Manage users, groups, permissions to keep content secured with multi-tenancy options and controls.

On Cloud

Get up and running in no time!. Tableau Online is a fully hosted cloud solution which allows almost instant setup and easy scalability option for growing businesses.

We add value/statistics to decision making

We partner in every step in building your business intelligence

We shorten your decision making cycles

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

In any business, data will come from a variety of sources, whether they are from online or offline. But creating an insightful dashboard is much more than just assembling that data. In order to answer any business queries, the data first needs to be combined from disparate sources and then migrated properly for analytical use. Our experts at DecisionTree will enable you to consolidate all your data and employ ETL tools to help with the data migration. We enable business users to integrate the data with big data and business intelligence solutions, analyze multiple data sources and showcase transparency by providing traceability and reliability.

Smart Visualizations

As information systems become more complex, smart data visualization will be an essential tool for any business owner. Valuable insights may remain undiscovered due to a lack of visualization clearly communicating the message to the reader. Contrary to traditional data visualization, smart visualization tools will help your business to not just gather data, but also tell a story, identify a problem and help you make a decision regarding that problem.  These tools will help you to select and display data in a way that assures accurate interpretation. You can produce the best possible smart visualization based on data type, volume, dimensions, patterns and nature of data.

Managed Reporting Services

We believe that technology is a means to an end—the end being the company’s strategic and tactical goals. Our collaboration with the best in class BI solution providers enables us to deliver best of breed products and technologies dedicated to meet your needs. We provide services on a whole range of leading BI solutions in the market. You will receive professionally designed custom reports, which can be scheduled as per the needs of your business.  We also help in updating old reports and help in creating dynamic dashboards as well. We also help organizations in modernizing their BI infrastructures and practices, including information management, data quality and data integration—to improve agility and efficiency.

Mobile Business Intelligence

The global ecosystem is increasingly mobile and executives need intelligent data at their fingertips to be able to lead the race. We enable faster decision-making through the use of mobile BI solutions that provide access to BI information on smartphones and tablets. Mobile BI has the power to transform how businesses deliver value today as it dramatically extends its ability to gain actionable insight for all decision-makers at all levels across the organization.  Our software allows you to take the data and your business wherever you go and access it with just a click.

Business Intelligence Platforms

Business intelligence platforms are the architecture that analyzes data and reveals patterns and insights. They are especially beneficial for those projects that require highly customizable options as well as quick release times. Either we can help you with our tools for your existing infrastructure or you can evaluate and select the best BI technology stack.

We work with a whole range of the best-in-class ETL platforms such as Talend, Informatica, Alteryx Alteryx, SSIS; and visualization platforms such as Tableau, DOMO, Klipfolio, Google Studio, Amazon QuickSight, Power BI, Qlikview etc. We also use cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. These end-to-end platforms support information integration, master data management, data warehousing and data visualization.