DevOps Consulting & DevOps as a Services


DevOps Service Provider | Accelerate your releases with shortened delivery cycles with Niyama


Niyama with its dedicated team of DevOps engineers help companies build, operate & deliver products in an efficient, reliable & cost-effective manner.

DevOps is a methodology which evolved to merged siloed Development process and Operations teams in order to achieve seamless collaboration and communication between both the teams.

It is a process of building and deploying software in smaller increments and build reliable solutions.



At Niyama, DevOps is a mantra to increase Developers productivity by minimizing the deployment time. It combines Agile and Continuous Deployment  to deliver new functionalities to customers in the fastest time cycle.

Our Services enables organizations to streamline Application development and Deployment with DevOps tools, Deployment Architecture and Container Strategy.

We at Niyama, with expertise in AZURE DevOps can help Customers to establish a green field AZURE infrastructure environment. We can setup Agile and DevOps process for the Customers for their legacy systems and new systems as well. Our AZURE Certified Consultants can help customers to setup their DevOps Processes and Capabilities.


Business Benefits

Improved customer satisfaction
Reduced response time
Improved cost savings
Better agility of business

Operational benefits

Faster to market
Identify bugs at early stage
Better control on code
Reduces IT cost
Shortened development & deployment cycles
Infrastructure automation

Our DevOps Services

Niyama’s assessment & planning
Niyama’s CI/CD implementation
Niyama’s CI/CD managed services
Monitoring & support services


DevOps Assessment & Planning

Assessment of the current state of DevOps tools & processes
Create a desired state architecture
Prepare a roadmap for migration from current state to desired state
Develop trackable metrics list

DevOps Implementation

Assessment of current state of DevOps
Prepare a list of best fit tools & implement them
Work with the Development team to familiarise them with DevOps tools & uses
Define a roadmap for future state
Implement and train existing staffs to use CI/CD tools for current and future projects

DevOps Managed Services

Niyama deploys it own experts
We work with your team in building your infrastructure, tools, process and empower developers
We manage all your CI/CD pipeline, Infrastructure and maintain your operations