Data Science => Computers + Statistics + Mathematics + Human Intelligence applied on Data

We at Niyama being a company in the IT services sector who has carved a niche for our self in working towards helping Organizations build innovative & state of the art soultions using the latest advancements and solutions in the IT industry.  Having said that we are using Data Science as a tool for Organizations who are willing to that extra mile without having to invest heavily in building their own IT setup & Data science team.

Our team of experts help Organizations to unlock the potential of their own data and also help them in building an large-enterprise grade analytics & AI solutions which was earlier expensive and time consuming to build.

Having experience in building end-to-end solutions from setting up your data center in cloud / migrate your setup to cloud, data engineering, Application development & Management, RPA, AI & IoT

Be the change, Join with us to accelerate your journey into the Data enable world of Data Science and AI

Why Data Science / AI on Cloud?


Data Science / AI solutions are a perfect use case for deploying it either Inhouse or cloud.  With the advent of mobile phones, IoT and improving infrastructure and excellent internet connective. Now people are generation even more and more data. Handling that amount of data in-House is always a challenge not only for IT, it is a challenge for everyone.  This is where Cloud computing offers us with an unique opportunity of handling such large amount of dataset and also presents us with options of trying out multiple Analytical tools and select the best one which suits our needs.

IDC’s report, “FutureScape: Worldwide Big Data and Analytics 2016 Predictions,” estimates that through 2020, spending on cloud-based big data and analytics technology will grow 4.5 times faster than spending for on-premises solutions.

Our partnership and choice of a Cloud partner is Microsoft Azure. It offers us with a unlimited space to store our data and also has a multitude of service which caters to the needs of Data analysts / Data scientists in order to create an analytical solution.



Internet of Things


Connect to the future.

We are into development of highly durable & scalable applications for IoT enabled devices.

Using our expertise in software development & delivery, our teams build custom applications for IoT enabled devices which is capable of capturing the data, storing & perform analysis and provides complex insights using state of the art visualization tools.

Having expertise in Microsoft Azure our preferred and suggested tool for IoT application development is Microsoft Azure cloud.

Benefits of using Azure Could for IoT development

  • You can start small and scale up as per demand
  • Provides capability to handle data at hyperscale
  • Can wrap-up failed / end-of-lifecycle applications with minimum loss / impact for business
  • Cloud by default takes care of basic Privacy and security concerns

Machine Learning

Application of Machine Learning helps to uncover hidden insights in the Big Data without any human intervention.

Web & Mobile Applications

The native web and mobile applications we develop help to set up and manage devices, explore the data they provide and automate different processes.

Big Data Analytics

Best practices of Big Data analytics help to collect, process and analyze IoT data. Consequently, our client benefits from important business insights.

Middleware ETL Solutions

Connected devices should communicate with the rest of the world and provide data for insights. We know how to make them speak your language.

UI & Data Visualization

Data brings little value if it is not processed, structured and presented in the right way. We ensure this and develop visually appealing data visualization solutions.

Services Integration

IoT solutions bring even more value when connected to other devices, web and mobile services, cloud applications and more.

IoT Technology stack


IoT Business markets we work with 


Companies are just starting to understand the true potential behind collecting, providing and analyzing Big Data from connected devices. The opportunities are unlimited, and each industry can find ways to implement IoT technology to boost their business.


Providing a better service thanks to real-time remote monitoring of patient health or sport progress monitoring.


Creating new revenue streams by enriching the user experience and optimizing supply chain operations.


Optimizing business and production processes through tracking and analysis of equipment and inventory use.

Smart Home

We have experience working on different types of complex projects, as ERP systems.


We have experience working on different types of complex projects, as ERP systems.

Your niche

We have experience working on different types of complex projects, as ERP systems.