Cloud Migration



We help you migrate to cloud with minimum hiccups and in the shortest possible time frame.

Niyama’s approach to cloud migration is innovative and practical which helps in discovery of all possible features and risks.

As Companies strategize to be agile and reduce Capex cost they increasingly adapt Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is when you access services like Servers, Storage, Software over the internet from providers like Azure and AWS. Cloud strategy might a Private, Public or Hybrid based on Client requirements.

With proven technology like Microsoft AZURE & Amazon AWS, you can setup Servers, Storages and host your applications in AZURE Cloud. We at Niyama help you in building a Migration Strategy for your organization from Files, Storage to Applications. This will greatly help you in reducing your capital expenses and retain performance and Security. Clients typically pay only for the services they use, which provides a level of convenience and cost-control that’s almost impossible to achieve with on-site infrastructure.



  • Aws cloud migration
  • Azure cloud migration
  • Database migration service

Managed Services


  • Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance



  • Azure DevOps
  • AWS DevOps



  • Increases Focus on business issues, not tech
  • Allows for scalable, enterprise-class complexity
  • Rich ecosystem of Vendors and Service Providers
  • Platforms are scalable, secure and enterprise
  • Web Services, XML, Javascript focused development environments are typical, and readily available skills
  • Java and .NET skills require training and focus to migrate
  • Web Services focus creates powerful integration story

Why migrate to cloud

Business in Focus

You can leave the worry about your infrastructure to us and focus on your core business activities. Your relieved resources can be used to derive more value.

Enterprise-class Infrastructure

Earlier it was difficult for small business to invest for Enterprise-class IT hardware.
With the advent of Cloud, your entire CapEx is removed and your IT systems are ready to take on any enterprise IT in the world

On-demand computing

Cloud based business model is ideal for flexible demands. You can scale up / down your servers as and when demanded.
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Faster ROI

With a low entry barrier and on-demand server setup facility, low cost of experimentation, also cloud helps in faster to market product development. This, in turn, results in faster Return of Investment.

Work from anywhere

With your entire IT infrastructure sitting on Cloud, you can connect and work literally from anywhere. You just need a laptop and a good internet connection

Cloud related questions

Yes. Physical resources reside in secure facilities, with independent auditing practices followed by the cloud vendors. Data are encrypted and host companies do not have access to those encryption keys. You (the account holder) manage access through user identities and access policies.

Cost depends on use. You pay for what you use. Instead of investing in big Server setups, you are free to scale up as your business need grows.

Yes. This is why so many researchers rely on the cloud in this era of Big Data. Individual cloud machines come in many state-of-the-art flavors: GPU-intensive, compute-intensive, memory-intensive, low network latency, general purpose and so on. But there’s also a double-win for intensive science computation in the cloud: You do not have to wait for resources to become available, and, if you can parallelize your work, you can spin up large (or very large) clusters to finish your tasks quickly.

Yes. There are two options:

You can allocate a virtual machine in the cloud, install your favorite database on it, and operate it as if you were operating a database server that you own.

You can also simply pay for a database-as-a-service and dispense with worrying about the underlying machine, operating system or installation of a data base management system.

No, you are not locked in. Cloud Technologies like VMs and Docker Containers can be moved between Cloud environments